Monday, April 14, 2008

Miami Inked....

Actually it was more like Miami Pierced. For a while I had toyed with the idea of doing something a little more drastic than just cutting my hair. Even though I love a good tatt on a hot guy, the idea of inking myself has never been all that attractive to me besides the fact that in the Asian markets at the time I was working them shunned models with body art. Naval rings kinda piqued my curiosity for a while but then just seemed too stripper to me (or moronic Sorority girl) so I took that off of the list of possibilities. But I was bound & determined to figure out something...and thanks to my roomie, Paul, we figured out that tongue rings were the coolest thing and my mind was made up.

Paul and I both decided to get our tongues pierced one night during a dinner convo. He told me that once I got mine done, it was cool and didn't kill too much he would get his done too, so the next day I went to a tattoo/piercing shop with Jackie to hold my hand through it and did the deed. The funny thing is that the parlor I went to was called something like "New Age Tattoo and Piercing" and was located where Ami has his shop now (Miami case ya didn't know....). The other funny thing is that I remember partying with Ami long before he became super hot famous thanks to his show (which I love by the way...). But I Jackie took me in, I signed all my disclaimers and convinced the piercer that I was over 18, he sat me down on the chair, grabbed my tongue with his hand (not pliers or anything else) and pierced. It barely hurt. He then told me not to eat any solids for a few days, drink liquour or give oral sex (after which he added, "unless it's for me"....cheeky bugger) and I was on my way.

Walking back to the apartment we ran into Paul playing volleyball with some other models and he freaked out that I had actually gone through with it, loved it, but ended up chickening out in the end. Ha!

That night, like the well behaved girl I was, I followed my instructions from the piercer to a T. I did not give anyone oral sex (not even him), but I went out to Living Room with my friends, drank, went home, woke up to go to Volleypalooza the next day, drank a little more and ate a sub sandwich by shoving pieces of it towards the back of my mouth and chewing with my head tilted so as not to disturb my healing tongue.

It healed well despite my lack of obedience and I was officially a rebel. Heh!

Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Rotating Roomies

And as aways happens when you're traveling and starting to make that crazy, almost instant sibling-like bond with your roommates, one or more of them get called away to different markets or just back to the normalcy of their homes.

Sometime around the middle of February, Amber had to head home to Portland, and Kari (who was day by day growing out of wanting to model anymore) left for greener pastures in Seattle where she would start going back to school. Ned moved out and into a house with Tyler and some other models and Paul and I were left in the Decoplage. While trying to figure out how we were gonna split the massive rent on our own, the heavens parted and a new roommate came our way.

During lunch poolside at the Delano, Neil and Cormac introduced me to Miyuki who had just arrived and needed a place to stay. Cormac asked if I had room at my place, and the rest is history. Miyuki moved in and became fast friends with Paul and I . She turned out to be a fantastic person to live with and a wonderful friend. Her outer beauty was only surpassed by her inner beauty. So nice, thoughtful....and could party with the best of us. The rest of the season had us going to castings together, dining at Pearl with Neil, Cormac and friends, and partying at Nikki Beach. The good life continued for a few more weeks and I was taking it all in because by mid March I would be off to Taipei again for another 2 months. (This, of course, meant that I would be maniacally slathering myself with the highest SPF possible at all times....a tan in the Asian markets was not a good thing and I was already looking a little too burnt toasty.....)