Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Year's Eve-ing Like a Rockstar

Rather than try to dig up a really accurate account of this amazing night, I am gonna lift my story straight out of my travel journal...far more to the point and in the moment that way. Not that I was so lambasted that I don't remember what actually happened, because I do remember....even though I was lambasted....but anyways, journals are always far more to the here we go...


A new year. Wow.

I had the most amazing New Year's eve last night. JP came over and 8 and we started drinking and watching "Half Baked", then we put on some CD's and started dancing around the living room like two little kids having the time of their lives. Around 10 we decided to walk down Ocean Drive. There was so much energy. People everywhere, everyone happy and partying. Totally drunk on life and liquid. We walked all the way over to Nikki Beach and JP and I got into Linley's party free because Paul was working the door. We got to ring in the new year with champagne toasts on the sand getting rained on by the snow machines. It was beautiful. Then we walked back to my place to meet up with Ned, Pauly and Tyler who had been working at a party in Naples and continued our drunken festivities. We bonded so much last night. Me and my little crew. Too much fun. I am gonna miss these boys when season is over. Miss them like crazy.

JP and I at the Nikki Beach NYE party:


Little me and two more model girls...I feel like an ass, but I don't remember their names....


Linley! Good friend and host of the party...


NYE throngs on Ocean Drive....pura vida...


Thursday, February 14, 2008

Coming Up.....

I have been hit with a nasty cold and am about to fall asleep on my laptop...but stay tuned for my next post with pictures. New Year's Eve in Miami. To date that was the best NYE I've ever had.....God, what I wouldn't do to teleport myself back to that moment. Totally beats the post nasal drip, crusty eyed craparific time I am having right now....

Thursday, February 07, 2008

More Middle Model Musings from Miami

The sea breezes and sunshine definitely made for some introspective moments during this particular season in Miami. Here are some musings from a model mind while waxing & waning philosophical:


We think ourselves to be so grandiose. In our own eyes our lives seem to be the center of the Universe. Everything revolving around us, when in fact we are merely an infinitesimal speck in the grand scheme of things. Our impact on the world, with the exception of a few astounding individuals, is so minor that if we were to disappear tomorrow, everything would continue on as usual...the earth would continue to pulse, grow, nourish all those still existing on her surface. We would be a mere memory in the minds of the few we allowed into our guarded worlds while we were still gifted with the breath of life.


The year 2000 is almost over. The first year I learned to truly live, to come alive. The memories of the past 12 months overwhelm me. How much have I changed, I wonder? Am I a better person? Worse? Perhaps both? I won't attempt to seek an answer to these questions. You can only dig so deep into your psyche before uncovering strains of madness. Whatever, whoever I am or have become, needs to learn to grow more comfortable in her own skin. Comfortable in my own skin...I wonder, does anyone truly, wholly, learn to do that? One is always growing, expanding...can you harness your spirit to flesh? Perhaps what I need to do is take comfort in knowing that I will never truly know myself.


Yeah.....models can get pretty deep. Funny how you never see or hear any talk about this kind of stuff on any of the modeling reality shows that are taking over TV. Modeling makes you realize how insecure you really are. It hands you a life of glamour and luxury, breaks you down to nothing, hands you some more glamour, breaks you down again, then takes you back up to incredible heights. Roller coaster ride. Welcome to Model Mountain. Keep your arms and legs in the car at all times. You'll need them to book work.