Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Oh the Insouciance of It All (aka Obese Prostitutes in Milan)

Oh...this little picture comes with an interesting back story, I am sure....but all I can really remember other than I had a great time with my boys is that we were all invited to a private party at a random club in a part of Milan that we normally never frequented. At this party we were all crowded into a tiny elevator that closed its doors and then refused to open and then just sat there. I am normally not claustrophobic but that night I was sweating and had something of a panic attack. Luckily, after several attempts the doors were pried open and we made way out to our table where drinks were awaiting. My other memories of that night were that the table we were at sat precariously by a swimming pool and I remember praying that I wouldn't end up falling in it, I also recall that on the way out there was an enormously obese prostitute sitting on a recliner on the corner of the street beckoning to my buddies, and that Daryl ended up walking me home like the perfect gentleman that he was while half of my other friends stayed at the party and the other half got into a car with some random girls and wound up waking up in that same car next to a lake somewhere outside of Milan the next morning. God, what a! That was life back then....insouciance. Loved it. Never a single dull moment......

Monday, March 07, 2011

Venice the Redoux

Sometime after Kari and I got done with our weekend in Monaco, she took off to travel Europe by rail and I went back to Milan. My castings, bookings and parties commenced and it was life as usual. At one point I was out on a Friday night at Gasoline with the boys and Josh brought up the idea of going to Venice the next day. By that time it was past midnight and we would be taking the morning train out. Early. I have a vague recollection of getting home, washing up, going to bed for a couple of hours and then racing over to the train station to meet up with everyone. Everyone ended up being Josh, Isaak, Ryan, Daryl and I.

Once on the train everyone passed out promptly except for Ryan and I. I remember having this great, three hour long conversation with him. For some reason we also ended up having these really interesting conversations at the most random places! Our convo was interrupted only once by Isaak who after waking up to go the the bathroom discovered that his enormous yellow sunglasses had gone missing. We searched high and low, and since we were the only ones in the train compartment, and those sunglasses were HUGE, it was really perplexing that they had just literally disappeared into thin air. This started Isaak off on a story about how he was sure that this was part of a curse that a model in London had put on him prior to arriving in Milan. To be honest, it was hard not to believe him because normally things don't just got *poof* and disappear. However, Isaak is amazing with the stories he tells...soo.....ya never know. ;)

Once in Venice, we walked, ate, talked, acted the part of the tourists we were and got back on the train later that day to go home. This time in Venice was completely normal and uneventful compared to the first trip I took the year prior with my motley crew. No naked bridge jumping, no drunkeness, no arrests, no hairy trannys....just me and my boys who I miss so much.

My boys in front of some excellent grafitti.

Blue Steel in Venice

I love this city....the Rialto Bridge is in the background...that is the very same bridge that a year prior saw my friends jumping off of it sans clothing in the middle of the night....model history. ;)