Sunday, July 10, 2011

Name Droppings....Better Than Bird Droppings?

I'm not a fan of name induces in me a irresistible desire to roll my eyes and walk away from the name dropper as quickly as my wee feet can carry me....However, I just realized the other day that I have forgotten many of the *ahem* well known people I spent time with during my days of Peacocks on Leashes.

My drop dead stunning cousin, Christie, was in town recently after touring with Disney/Pixar working PR for the Cars 2 movie. My kids, husband and I had a blast showing her around town and hearing about the movie, her work and seeing pictures from behind the scenes. At lunch she asked me who some of the famous people were that I had met, partied with, conversed with or just graced with my presence (bahahahaaaaa!) and I sat there over my stuffed Portobello mushroom drawing a case Alzheimer's hits me a little prematurely, I've decided to write this list down for posterity.

Here goes:

P.Diddy (on a yacht in Monte Carlo and at his house in Miami)
Naomi Campbell (Monte Carlo)
Tyson Beckford (Miami)
Ice Cube (Miami)
Sugar Hill Gang (Miami)
Emelio Estevez (LA)
Prince Albert of Monaco (Monte Carlo)
Princess Victoria of Sweden (Monte Carlo)
Karolina Kurkova (Miami)
Art Alexakis (Portland)
Stephen Dorff (Miami)
Salt & Peppa ( Miami)
Billy Corgan (Miami)
two of the Backstreet Boys (can't remember their ( Milan)
Liam Neeson (Milan)
Julia Stiles (Milan)
Tony Hawk (Miami)
Lenny Kravitz (Miami)
Stephen Baldwin (Miami)
Steven Seagal (Miami)
Robin Leach ( Miami)
Eva Longoria (Portland)
Justin Timberlake (Tokyo)
Coco Lee (Taipei)
Carson Daley (Miami)
Ed Kowalczyk and Chad Gracey of the band LIVE (Miami & Portland)
Pauly Shore (Miami)
Angelina Jolie (did a student film with her in high school in LA WAAAAAAY back)
Chad Allen (LA)
Steve Allen (LA)
LeBron James (Portland)
The Dandy Warhols (Portland)
The Counting Crows (Milan)
Liz Phair (LA)
Lil Bow Wow (LA)
Lil Kim (Miami)
Enrique Iglesias (Miami)
Julio Iglesias, Jr. (Miami)
Rod Stewart (Miami)
Sting (Miami)
Kid Rock (Miami)
Rachel Hunter (Miami)
May Andersen (Miami)

OMG, I know there are many, many more...but here I go...losing those memories faster than I'm harvesting gray hairs! I'll be sure to add to the list as I think of more....and if any of my friends reading this remember any please let me know who I'm missing! ;)

Now back to cooking mac and cheese for the ragamuffins....