Tuesday, June 24, 2008

The Ol' Roomie Reunite

So, the day after I got to Taipei, I walked into the agency and there was Laura! My roommate from my last season there. It was like no time had passed. We had kept in touch via phone calls while we were gone, and it was just so nice to see another familiar face in a strange land.

Now, I'm sure I've already touched on my past with Laura, but I always think it is so cool when it comes to mind, so I am gonna tell you again. I first laid eyes on Laura in a tram in Milan my first season there. She had an Elite book and headphones on and I remembered thinking how she was the quintessential model. Tall, perfect bone structure and elegant. Then a few weeks later I ran into her again at a casting for a hair magazine. We exchanged greetings but that was it. It wasn't until several months later that we would run into each other again halfway around the world in Taiwan where we became roommates and fast friends. This proved the point that although there are millions of would be models out there who say they are actually "models" the ones that are truly working their craft travel in a small circle. I can't tell you how many times I would run into other models I knew or at least recognized from castings in the most random markets. One day in Milan, the next in Miami and then again in Hong Kong. Crazy!

Laura and I were so happy to be back in a country and city we loved and ready to take it by storm. We packed into a taxi with another model and our manager and set off that first day on a bevy of castings and ladyposed our butts off. Later that evening we decided we had to be roommates again and combined all of our crap into a tiny shoebox of a room since we were told that all the doubles were occupied and the fun began! Two days into this trip and I knew it was going to kick ass!

Sunday, June 08, 2008

Coppertoning It In Taipei

So, once again, I found myself packing my bags, bidding tearful farewells to my friends, pulling out my passport and boarding pass and deplaning thousands of miles away in Taipei.

I had been to Taiwan before, so now I could consider myself a veteran. I knew where to go and what to do at the airport. I walked from my gate pulling my obscenely heavy carry-on bags past miles of hallways through the terminal that were covered in advertisements and I kept count of which ones I thought I could probably book while there. I went through customs, found my driver holding up my name in Chinese and English on a card. He put my bags in the trunk of his shiny, black Lincoln Towncar and we were off....back to the First Hotel.

I stared out the car window at the mystery and tumult that is Taipei and even though I had been in Miami just hours before, I felt myself start to get ready and excited for this new season in Asia. When I got to the hotel, I checked in and the people at the front desk actually remembered me from the last time I had been there. They were kind, courteous and all smiles as they told me where my room was, handed me my key and about 6 faxes from my booker asking if I had arrived yet and I was off to my little pad. The bellhop trudged up with all my accoutrements....poor guy, my suitcase was bigger than him...and as he left he told me I looked just like Britney Spears. Even though I should have been tremendously offended, I knew by the super happy grin on his face that he meant it to be the utmost accolade, so I tipped him well, closed the door and passed out on my rock hard mattress.

The next morning I made it to the agency, group hugs and reintroductions ensued and not a second too soon I was told that I needed to maybe try to make my skin less tanned. After almost 4 months in Miami there was no way I was about to look Geisha chic.....so I smiled, said "no problem" and hit the casting circuit with my manager and a couple of new girls that would become really great friends in no time. Taya, Olivia and Jen. Things were good already....and only to get better since my roommate from my first trip to Taipei, Laura, was to arrive the next day!