Thursday, May 29, 2008

More Cheese & Sex from Miami

And here is a sampling of just a few of the tearsheets I got from that season in Miami. Once again, the Dutch, German and French clients cast me as a teen queen and the Italian and Spanish clients interpreted me as something of a Lolita....

For your viewing pleasure....ha!







Friday, May 16, 2008

Modeling Too Much!

Wow, I am super slacker when it comes to posting on here lately! I've just all of a sudden started booking photoshoots locally and am starting to put together a completely new book....I've been wanting to get back out there for direct bookings since I can't actually travel long term anymore (becoming a mom put a halt to that!) and this new work I'm doing is hopefully going to help with that! So coupled with my writing assignments, Peacocks on Leashes has suffered a bit....but I am anxious to get back on here. Don't give up on the Peacocks just yet.....they'll be back fully plumed by next week. I have heaps of stuff I need to scan and post on here, because I know everyone is just dying to see my German magazine tearsheets. Fabulosity.....

Sunday, May 04, 2008

And Yet Another Journal Entry from Miami...

Here are my musings at the thought of leaving Miami and heading back over to Taipei for season....


So I just found out that I'll be heading back to Taipei in a few weeks. Although the prospect of going back to Asia and making money is exciting, I'm starting to feel a heaviness in my heart knowing that before I know it, these past 4 months that I have spent in South Beach will soon be nothing more than a series of memories and pictures in an album.

The apartment that I have come to call home, the streets and faces that have once again become all too familiar, the sea and sand I look at daily from my window and that I have come to take for granted, the friends, my adoptive family members, that I have known since last season, brought with me from Milan, or just newly met...these are the ties that bind me, that cause that all too familiar feeling of infinite sadness when I allow myself to realize how soon they and it all will be taken away from me. That torturous process of being a traveling model. Bittersweet life.

South Beach once again will remain a most vivid and beautiful place in my memories.


I have to say, that when people ask me what the hardest part of being a model is, I really can't tell them stories about awful perverted photographers trying to coke me up, or rape me. I dont have stories like that, thank God....but the worst and hardest part for me was being uprooted from "homes" and missing my friends. Friends that I miss to this very day. I have yet to make friends that were as close to me as those friends I made while I was traveling.