Sunday, February 27, 2011

Monaco Grand Birthday Party

So, the trip to Monaco....

Well, once we were packed we got picked up by the driver of one of Neil's friends who we later found out was a big deal Spanish dignitary. We drove to Monte Carlo and had a nice trip talking, laughing, taking in the views, and napping. Once we made it to the Monte Carlo city limits the driver pulled over and let us get out to see the view. It was jawdropping. Amazing. Cerulean blue waters with red tiled roofed villas cascading down the promontory we were on and surrounded by gardens that would have been at home in heaven. After taking in this breathtaking scenery we got back into the car and drove down to the marina and found Neil's yacht. We would be spending all of our waking hours on the boat and since it was berthed so close to the race course we would be able to watch the Grand Prix from the deck. Perfection. In the evenings we'd take a small wooden motorboat over to where we would be sleeping which was in a nearby villa that was owned by Neils' brother and sister-in-law. The villa was to die for and someday I hope to spend more time in one just like Tuscany. ;)

After a few hours of hanging out on the yacht with Neil and his friends, one of which happened to be Princess Katherine of Denmark (who, btw, dubbed Neil's yacht "the prettiest in the marina") we decided to go walk the streets of Monte Carlo. Let me tell you that no city I have ever been in, and I have been in many, screams M O N E Y like Monte Carlo does. It was beautiful but at the same time I felt out of place. It was such a strange feeling because I have always assimialted to every place I have been in right away....but Monte Carlo was like some uber hyped rap video on steroids. Bentleys, Maseratis, Lambourghinis, Ferraris, you name it...and I probably just butchered the spelling of those cars...but I'm tired and a mom and totally entitled, eh? ;) The women were all dressed and Botoxed to the nines, it was a spectacle...and almost overwhelming to take all that glitz in.

Just being there made me feel like I should have bathed in gold prior to setting foot in those pristine streets. My Hungarian noble blood ran screaming away from me and I felt that little girl who grew up on government cheese come running right towards me. I was amazed at the beauty of the place, but very much uncomfortable at the same time.

The first night there we all had dinner at a seaside restaurant...outdoors of course. I can still remember the freshness of that food. Good lord...delicious. And I also remember Neil and another member of the party talking about a castle we could see high up on the hill and whether or not one or the other should put in an offer to purchase it. Have have just a fraction of that money! LOL!

The next day was my birthday...Yes! I got to spend my birthday on a millionaire's yacht in Monte Carlo for the Monaco Grand Prix!! I have to say that to this day that has to be one of the biggest highlights of my life. Neil was so lovely that he had his head chef make me a special cake and dinner on the yacht that night. I will never forget his graciousness and generosity. I will also never forgot how wonderful his brother and sister-in-law were for letting Kari and I sleep in their villa and treat us as if we were family. Those are the things that made our weekend in Monaco unforgettable. Sure, partying with P.Diddy, Naomi Campbell and Prince Albert on an Arabian prince's yacht was nice too....but it was Neil and his family that were the absolute most wonderful part of the trip.

Oh and I just can't forget to add one more memorable tht Kari and I laugh about every time we talk about it....our last night there everyone went out to party but we were tired and wanted to head back to the villa. Rather than take the boat as usual, Neil had his driver take us in his convertible Bentley. With the top down we whipped through the narrow streets where everyone was out reveling and we literally had everyone peering and turning their heads to see if we were anyone worth looking at, two famous chicks perhaps? was just us...with rat's nests for hair and tired eyes! But it was certainly nice to get a little feeling for what it must be like to be a celebrity with all eyes on a Bentley. LOL!

Kari and I have lost touch with Neil, which is sad and hopefully someday we'll cross paths again. I pray he and his family are well.

Pictures from our trip...I have many, many more but I am too tired and this scanner is ancient so these will have to suffice for now! =)


Happy Birthday to me!! =)

The villa where we slumbered. =)

Classic rich perv with roving eyes....nast.

And yes that is P. Diddy. =)

Tuesday, February 08, 2011

Picture Me....Back in Milan

Wow....I am watching the documentary by Sarah Ziff called Picture Me which is about the ins and outs of the modeling world....very real and I highly recommend it to anyone wanting to know more about this life....Needless to say it makes me want to write even more! ;)

Ok, so now that I want to catch myself and whoever is reading this up to date...I have to get back to Milan (2nd season). Besides a lot of parties, castings, eating, bookings, and other random modelhood moments, there really wasn't too much earthshaking that went on. I did end up having my apartment to myself for a glorious three weeks when my roommate left for Germany. After three weeks a sweet Estonian girl named Olga Shipilova moved in, and one again I had lucked out in the awesome roomie department. She was young but had that mature quality that so many European girls have compared to their American counterparts. She was fluent in English and intelligent and loved gelato as much as I did. Another match made in roomie heaven.

My jobs that season consisted of editorials for "teen" magazines, catalogs, more work for La Rinascente, more short hair beauty stories, and a month of showroom for Byblos. It was just another season surround by great friends, and doing what I loved. Besides a pretty normal season I had one momentous occasion that I will never forget.....about 6 weeks into the season I got a call from my friend Neil inviting Kari and myself to spend a long weekend in Monte Carlo on his yacht for the Monaco Grand Prix. It would be the weekend of my birthday.....and without hesitation, I booked out with my agency and started prepping for a few days of complete and total celebrity treatment.

More to come on that amazing moment in my life....but for now, a few shots from Della Bass taken in a park outside of Milan, natural light, no retouching...the way it used to be.