Monday, September 20, 2010

Models are Not Real...LOL!

I have to jump away from my timeline on here for a minute because I just cannot get over the amount of modeling "reality" shows and competitions on TV nowadays! When I was traveling, I don't think there was a single one of these on...and thank God for that.

Had any of this crap (which, I have to admit, I am sadly addicted to) been on then, I may have ended up being scared to death every time I made good use of my Direct TV hook-up and turned on the tube. I may have decided that after watching one too many, vapid, spoiled, insipid, underaged brat whining about getting a haircut or trying to sabotage another model that this was not what I wanted to do with my life. Luckily, I was untainted by modeling "reality" and had the adventure of a lifetime with some of the coolest people ever. Sure, I ran into handfuls of models that would make perfect TV fodder for these shows, but I never had to be friends with them..and like I've already described in the annals of this blog, I did have some CRAZY roommates...but it wasn't like I had to live with TWELVE of them in one apartment. Just one crazy at a time.

So now, when I turn on my LocalTV-Satellite to fulfill my guilty pleasure of watching ANTM or She's Got the Look...oh God, and let's not forget Make Me a Supermodel...I laugh inside thinking about what a terrible view of models TV viewers are getting. Those models are NOT real! LOL! They are little walking parodies strutting their "fierce" wanna-be stuff by way of your Out of every ten models I met, I can honestly say only two would fit that profile....and more likely then not, those were the girls (and boys) not every really working in the first place! ;)