Friday, June 03, 2011

Oh Home Sweet Secure Home

Since I'm no longer on the road, I love keeping up my friends who are so that I can live by them vicariously. This is why I am addicted to Facebook, ahem, yep...I am one of "those". ;) I guess I could have worse addictions...actually I know I could, so Facebook and my reality shows via are just a little source of sanity in what has turned into a pretty mundane lifestyle compared to Leashing Peacocks. LOL!

So, anyways, where was I going with this? Ah yes...on Facebook yesterday I was reading about a friend who was having issues with disappearing items from her models' apartment. Apparently one of her roomies was making off with everything from food items, to cosmetics and even a bra. A bra? Ugh! Reminds me of my BFF's roommate in Milan who would take her underwear from the drying rack, use them and them leave them balled up all over the apartment floors when she was done with them. Like I've said before, pretty don't mean clean...or sane.

I really lucked out that in all the years I traveled I only had one item ever go missing. It was my favorite pair of workout shorts (by Everlast and they were so darned cute!) that I know one of my Brazilian flatmates in Hong Kong made off with...sigh....I bet her ass looked better in it than mine anyways. =P

What I think I take for granted now is that I live in my own space..well, I share it with a husband and two kids, but you get what I mean. No one can just walk off with my stuff and by installing a home security anaconda that will virtually hunt down and swallow a burglar whole (ok, maybe not really, but that would be pretty funny) I feel extra comfortable with leaving my stuff out. It's hard to believe that there was a point in my life where it was normal to not unpack for months at a time because of all the stories you'd hear of other models stealing stuff. Like, I said, I was lucky, but I kept my stuff in my suitcase and clearly marked. Nice to not have to do that anymore...although maybe that was just a tiny little price to pay for a very wonderful time in my life. And maybe I wouldn't mind having to do that again....for a few days. =)