Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Scrubs and Lingerie

I have to go on a little tangent on the randomness of my career....I am digressing from chronological order, once again. But I think you can forgive me, right? ;)

I've been modeling for about 12 years now and have worn everything from couture to maternity wear, bathing suits to business suits. I've dressed like a 12 year old and like a matronly lady who lunches...always a little bit of everything. To be honest, I'm surprised that I've yet to book a job modeling for a catalog dedicated to medical scrubs or something along those lines. I haven't ever had the pleasure of getting booked for one of those, um, ahem....glorious Halloween costume gigs either. You know, the kind that has grown women dressed up as Hermione from Harry Potter or a naughty Alice in Wonderland? Yeah. That kind of catalog...What I have been booking lately, instead of cotton scrubs is lingerie. Crazy? Yeah, I think so! Am I not supposed to be 17 and skin & bones to do that? Ha!

Now that I'm the mother of two, and living in a town not known for it's fashion scene, I am getting a little teensy taste of what is must be like to an a VS Angel....well, kinda. At least as close to that as Portland will allow. LOL! In the past month I've booked two fashion shows for NY lingerie Designers (Feng Feng and Teo) and I have to say that I am super flattered. While I love what I do and truly don't think I am above posing in scrub sets or surgical gowns for a decent day rate, it makes me smile that I still can get up there with the young uns and feel all girly and stuff in some luxurious skivvies.

Maybe I don't quite need to retire just yet....not just yet. ;)