Sunday, January 30, 2011

A Little Model Internet Shopping

I gotta say, I can only imagine how much more work there is available now for models then there was when I was traveling. When I was living out of my suitcase and hitting up the different markets for work, we worked strictly for print and commercials. Now there are all kinds of crossover bookings like video lookbooks and internet catalogs. Those didn't exist in my day. God, I feel like a dinosaur admitting to that, but there it is.

Luckily, I have gotten to book some internet catalogs up here in Portland for the likes of Reebok and Nike, but can you imagine the castings in Milan or Tokyo for these jobs? Have mercy...I cannot imagine the number of castings growing that much more...what...from 15 castings to 30 in a day? Must be good to be a baby model and out in the world right about now. ;)

Speaking of these internet catalogs and video lookbooks, I stumbled upon some gorgeous little numbers from marc by marc jacobs on the other day that made me wish I was still working full time. Marc by Marc Jacobs has some delicious tops, skirts and a leather wallet that is to die for out right now. Marc Jacobs always does an amazing job at creating classic pieces that have just enough edge to them to make them work for women of all ages, and looking at his latest collection was definitely drool worthy.

And you don't even get me started on the marc jacobs handbags which are divine, for lack of a better word. The woven fringe hobo and the metallic "Little Stam" are on my wish list for sure. Just gorgeous.

Oh boy, I am just gonna have to sit here and daydream a little about these gorgeous fashion confections. One of these days I'll get myself back to a market where there is actual money to be made, and I will be treating myself to a little somethin' from Marc Jacobs. Yep, I think I will!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Empty Promises & Google Maps

I am almost embarrassed at the fact that I have hopped on here sporadically the past year and half or so and promised to get my bum back on the blogging wagon...and failed. Is there a 12 step for that? *Sigh* Motherhood, general insanity, freelance writing-hood and the like have left me in a vegetable like state during all of those free moments that I should've been spending on here....pouring my memories into these posts, scanning in know...

I did have an epiphany reading part of my friend, Ned's, blog Mr. Mister ( that I needed to get back to Leashing my Peacocks so that I can eventually actually write the play by play of my life as a Middel Model TODAY, in the moment, ahora.

My 2nd epiphany came when my other friend, Jeremy, emailed me with a link from Google Maps of where he thought he used to live in Milan. We were both scratching our heads over this link for a week or so until we figured out that we were looking at a building several blocks up Via Fiamma from where he actually lived. Before we figured this out it was something of an Inception moment...seeing things on the computer screen that were NOTHING like what I had in my mind's eye. The streets, apartments, shops, piazzas and cafes were totally different then what I so vividly remembered....what was going on here? Was I remembering something that never existed? This was Milan, after all, and unlike so many American cities, it wasn't like the Milanese were tearing down historical buildings to make way for the new Target Supercenter or anything like yeah....luckily we figured out that we were looking at the wrong building....I was uncomfortable thinking that perhaps I was so vino addled during my time there that I had created a whole other parallel reality then what actually existed and still exists in that fine Italian metropolis...

So thanks to Ned and Jeremy I have become re-inspired to continue on this blogging voyage and eventually bring you all up to date on what Middle Modelhood is all about....

Ready, Steady, GO!!!!