Thursday, October 06, 2011

Getting Ready for Studying Abroad in Paris

Guest post written by Ellen Black

I'm not really sure what made me fall in love with the idea, but since I was a little girl I thought that it would be a really great opportunity to go to Paris. I've read all kinds of books, seen all kinds of movies about it and have even taken French in school with the hope of going to France one day and putting it to good use. Well, I'm so excited that next semester I'm actually going to go study abroad there!

I've looked through all kinds of websites about what to go and visit in France. While I was looking through some of those sites about a week ago, I ran across some information on internet packages. After I looked through them I found some more information here and switched over my apartment service to it.

I'm a little worried because I haven't met any of the people I'll be living with in Paris, but I'm supposed to meet them soon. I'm sure that they'll be as adventurous as I am in playing tourist and exploring the city.

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