Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Model Patriotism...The French Really Do Like Us ;)

Even though I pretty much summed up the last of my traveling days as a model in my last post...I can't help but add a few pictures from those last trips....and in looking for these pics I was reminded that Miami wasn't my last was Hong Kong! How could I forget that trip?! But that is a tale for another day. For now, I will share these images. =)

Upon finding out that the Twin Towers had been bombed my French roomie,Phillipe, pulled out his Harley Davidson t-shirt, American flag skullcap, leather jacket with the Ol Stars & Stripes patched onto one of the sleeves and this epic muscle T that reads "Try Burning This One Asshole!" and in support of the USA he wore these garments (or a combination of them) for the next several days. And they say that the French don't like us...for shame!

On my last day in Seoul, my roomies gave me a sweet farewell and promised to stay in touch. We did for a minute, but sadly lost touch and I haven't been able to find either of them on Facebook or any other form of social media. I won't forget the total gentlemanliness of Phillippe when I first arrived in Seoul. The apartment had been empty and I was jetlagged and starving. When he got home later that evening from castings he found me asleep on the couch, and woke me up offering me half of the dinner he had bought himself. It was my first time eating authentic Korean fare and it was amazing....Bulgogi and Bipimbap. A few days later he cooked dinner for our manager (whose apartment we lived in) and me. He'd work out with me to the ancient Buns of Steel tape we found and toured me around Itaewon which was the hip place to shop at the time and just a few walkable miles from the apartment. 100% nice guy. They really do exist. =)

On the morning of my departure...

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