Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Less Days at the Office

Guest post from: Mohamed Simon

Whoever said that working from home was easy was certainly right! My company is based out of Beverly Hills, and the traffic around here is horrible. California has such a problem with commuting because of all of the people who live here. Because of this, a lot of state legislation is asking companies to let their employees work from home. At first, this was met with a lot of grumbling, but only by the bosses! Most of us were sitting around hoping that this would work out for us. My company ended up finding a great internet deal (check out clear wireless internet Beverly Hills), and then everyone was told that they were to come in three days a week and work from home the other two. This has actually increased productivity, and saved the company on bill payments! It looks like the government has done something right for once! I’m certainly enjoying not having to sit in traffic every single day- and I’m enjoying even more the days that I can sleep in and eat a good breakfast!

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