Thursday, June 14, 2012

Bringing Peacocks Back to Life...FINALLY!

I know you have all but given up on this's been lying dormant a la True Blood for far too long. I have promised to resuscitate it over and over again....but still nothing, nada, zip, zilch.....and here's why. For a moment I lost my inspiration....was going through difficult times with one of my kids' health having to homeschool and then pack up and move out of state. Rough? Beyond. Blogging became non important to me...being a good mom was the only thing that mattered....but here's the good news....I am back in LA, my kids are doing A LOT better, I am working again...MODEL MOM YES!!!....and I want to bring the Peacocks back to life!! So please check in next month (July 2012) and I will be continuing my saga of life on the road as a model....and eventually start filling you in on to the minute posts of life as a model and mom in Los Angeles....should be fun! ;) Love and peace to y'all! =)

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