Sunday, July 28, 2013

Oh for Shame....

A year ago I hopped on here to let the world know that Peacocks on Leashes was being brought back to life. ONE. YEAR. AGO. And then nothing....complete and utter silence. For shame. I am so embarrassed....really. Life happens, and I got caught up in the roller coaster ride that is motherhood and modeling in Los Angeles. One month ago I decided to go into semi-retirement from the Industry (meaning direct bookings only...and shoots with artists that I respect) and what a relief that has been. No more spending ungodly amounts of time and gas on driving around this great city for a quick snap-snap of polaroids. I found that between being a real mom, as in REALLY there for my kids and all of their school activities, taking care of my house (because yes, I really do clean and do the laundry...and cook), being new mom to our wonder Poodle, and trying to fit in some self-care (like CrossFit), all of the running around to maybe, just maybe book a job or two was getting to me. I realized that while I enjoy the random booking and the money that comes along with it, I was no longer the same girl I was "back in the day". My passion was no longer in getting to my next location/market/season...I have kids to pick up from school by 3pm. I needed to move on and get back to my first love...writing. Not to mention, the longer I've been away from this blog the more faded my memories of my model-gypsy years are becoming, and I really don't want to forget all of the moments and stories that made me feel so alive...the rockstar years. Some of my best friendships were forged during that time...and while I'm not 100% sure that I even know where my old travel journals and boxes of pictures are after our last move....I can certainly pick-axe my way through the chambers of my subconscious and drag out some good stuff until this blog finally comes to an end. There. I did it. I've returned.....and it won't be another year before my next post comes around. ;)

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